The Nehemiah Project
The Nehemiah Project is a nonprofit company focused on rebuilding people's lives.
Being a new corporation, TNP needed a complete image. They will need materials designed for dealing with donors, churches, and their clients. TNP also realizes the need for an Internet presence.
Clear SPAN designed the basis of a corporate image, a logo.
From that we created business cards, brochures, and ultimately a web site.

Oikos Ministries Inc.
Oikos Ministries is a relational based ministry focused on equipping the church to reach out effectively.
Oikos works with lots churches on a daily basis. With all of the data that comes from those interactions, Oikos needs a streamlined information management system. In addition, Oikos needs to have a recognizable image.

Clear SPAN has designed a logo and various forms for Oikos.
Plans are underway for a system to manage the large amounts of data that Oikos gathers.
A web site is also in the works.


Milltex Construction
Milltex Construction Company realized that the internet was an efficient way to market themselves.
Milltex is a growing cabinet company. They desired a web presence that would appeal to prospective upscale residential clients.
Through talks with Milltex and research on their industry,
clearSPAN created a website that was, "exactly what I wanted."